Check out our epic journey from a tiny idea to the powerhouse of ortho
education we are today!

Two best friends, fueled by coffee and big dreams, wanted to shake up the dental world. Their wild idea?
Focus on orthodontics but make it fun and effective. Just like that, SOA was born!
Check out our journey from a spark of inspo to a powerhouse in ortho education.


My favorite thing at the ortho office? Educating patients on their treatment options and explaining the what and why of procedures. Helping people understand their journey in a fun way is a blast. It means everyone—patients and parents—knows exactly what’s going on. We want you to have the 411 too! Come share the smiles at SOA.


Being an ortho assistant for over 20 years has been the most fulfilling adventure! Even as a girl, the dentist’s chair was my happy place and I thought dental hygiene was my path—until I shadowed a hygienist and craved more action. When I discovered orthodontics, I knew I’d found my thing. It’s a fun career that lets me contribute to my family while giving me the flexibility to be a mom first. I’ve been making lifelong friends and celebrating jaw-dropping smile transformations with patients ever since

There’s a massive need for assistants in the ortho world, and finally, there’s a school dedicated to helping them shine—SOA. We’re beyond excited to provide you with the foundational knowledge and orthodontic skills that will open up a world of opportunities. Let’s make some magic


The MVPs of SOA

From wizards of orthodontics to support squad heroes, get to know the
folks who make SOA forward.


We’re a crew committed to giving back and making waves beyond our campus. Join the
ortho movement—your impact starts with a smile!